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Improve on-site SEO with structured data. Schema markup is added code that helps search engines understand your content and display rich results for users.

Where do you add structured data?

According to Google, JSON-LD can be added in either the <head> or the <body>

Example shown of JSON-LD embedded into the <body> tag

Difference between structured data and schema?

Structured Data:

data which resides in a consistent format allowing you to easily parse through it. For example, a table or database that has defined headers and data types. The easiest way to think of it is to understand that the majority of data is "unstructered". Like the text in this comment, which has some data that you can understand but it would be more difficult to extract and transform through a script.


A plan or organization of data into conceptual models and/or relationships.

In the context of SEO, you're probably referring to the specific formats of structured data. There are other formats for structured data and is not the only "schema".

What pages do I add structured data on?

Anywhere you wish to show rich snippets on and anywhere to help Google better understand your content. However, try to avoid duplicating structured data — try to have as much unique markup as possible.

What are other types of structured markup?

The three types of structured markup that Google can identify are:

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

JSON-LD allows you to decouple your content markup with your structured data, and it is the method that Google recommends.

How can I tell if my structured data is working?

Sometimes, it may take Google several days before they re-index your site. It is up to Google's algorithm and discretion on whether to display rich results based on the markup the page provides.

What are the logo guidelines for sizes?

Either the width must be exactly 600px or the height must be exactly 60px — i.e. a logo that is 450px by 45px would not work.

What are the guidelines for images?

Either the width must be exactly 600px or the height must be exactly 60px — i.e. a logo that is 450px by 45px would not work.

How do I test my structured data?

You can copy your structured markup it into the Structured Data Testing Tool. Alternatively, you can direct it to the url of your webpage, and it will grab the relevant data for you.

Should I add the organization schema to every page?

It is best to put it on your homepage. Only use it on one single page.

How can I benefit?

Structured markup allows search engines results for your webpages to have extra styling, increasing the likelihood of a new visitor. This enhances your online presence. It is especially important for local business results.

What are rich results?

Rich results are enhanced results displayed on search engines. This may come in the form of map snippets, video results, carousel placement, and much more!

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