Web Application

Front end web applications can be divided into two types:

  1. Single Page App - Loads faster. Recommended when speed in the user experience is important — particularly if smooth flow transition from page to page is worth it
  2. Server Side Rendered App - Every page route can be indexed. Recommended for online web stores

A Web Application is a user interactive page that can do more than a normal website. It is often made up of several components such as:

  • A database
  • A backend (such as an API)
  • A front end application for users

Things you can add to the web app include user registration and authentication such as Facebook Authentication), store data such as notes and entries, you can pay for goods and much more.

Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, 4 hour credits/month for support, Apache/Nginx setup and deployment, optimized for performance.

Web applications are common. You may not even know how often you use them. Common examples of web applications are Microsoft Office Online, YouTube, Facebook, Airtable, and more. The commonality is that they all have tremendous functionality beyond serving up images, videos, and text to the end user. The end user can make changes, add items, delete items, and anything other features provided by the web application.