Our Packages

Web Platform

Useable across all types of devices

Instantly available | Adaptive content | Rapid development cycle

Startup Package

Show the world what amazing things you have in the works!
1-3 pages

Premium Package

For serious businesses looking to expand and increase market share!
4 or more pages

Web Application

Front End Application
Payment System

Mobile Apps

Provide more value to your customers

Loyalty programs | Strengthen brand awareness | Push notifications for new products

AMP Html Package

Futureproof your business today as Google fully backs the AMP project for a leaner and more responsive web experience.

Native Android App

Android is the most common operating system in Asia!

Universal App

A web application that also can be ported to IOS and Android as an app.

Additional Service Offerings

Add-On Services
Article / Story (professional articles written for SEO generation) - approx. 800 words
Brand Logo Design
Custom IT Automation and System Solutions
Google Advertisements (HTML5 & AMP)

· Generally, the higher the complexity of the application, the higher the price. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

· Prices are subject to change without notice.