Our Story

Bravoka Digital Designs is a web and mobile application solutions startup that is formed from an inspired group of individuals who enjoy channeling their creative energies into digital creation and cloud solutions. We have a calling to build products that make our lives easier, that can improve existing processes, redesign something to how we believe it should be, or just concentrate our creative efforts to make awesome applications that end users will enjoy. We are designers, geeks, and free thinkers who are hoping to build the next big thing.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences which allows us to be adaptable and robust. Combining our specialties together, we create refined and elegant apps and designs that have proven to be effective.

Bravoka was founded in Vancouver, Canada originally for providing support to enterprise IT systems, connect telemetry with data analytic services to bring deeper insights, and also maintain app products that are used globally. Rebranded as Bravoka Digital Designs, we also provide custom web design, web application, and mobile application solutions. Operationally, we also moved to Hong Kong to capture the insatiable end-user demand for mobile interfaces. Operating in both hemispheres, we are able to combine what works best from both cultures and create incredible fusion designs shown in the products that we build.

We minimize use of template driven design, while still delivering products quickly. Extended user engagement is often a result of fresh stimuli. Our formula for success is about building applications with unique and engaging visual interfaces.

Have an idea? Work with us to design your next solution.

Delivering Growth

We know that increasing customers is most important to your bottom line and we also understand that the steps to this achievement is complex. We build tailor-made applications for your industry, increasing the chances of ranking higher than your competitors.

We focus on your business needs, bringing visible impact to your business, and increasing your audience size. Our KPIs include volume, visibility, effectiveness. We create value and make a difference! There is no fluff in what we build. We determine what stands out to your end-users, and offer them those experiences. We designs with your future business requirements in mind.

Differentiate yourselves from your competitors and stand out today!